Handcrafted creations have always been a part of my life. Beading is a passion, I love creating treasures-be they unique or traditional. I enjoy displaying my artisan talent at local Craft Shows. I have a pretty fair following-returning to see what's new to add to their collection or for gifting. My creations have been well received on the local venue. My creations have been featured at several craft shows in some of the local newspapers’ because my creations are different and always have a crowd at my booth.

Each creation is born from imagination, great care, attention to detail and love. The process of each creation begins with spending time with the media first to develop a common energy. Be it an assembly of beads and stones or the wrapping of my semi-precious stones. The end result, I believe, is the harmonizing of energy between me and the piece I am creating. There is a part of me that is always impressed with completed piece.

I enjoy working with my hands and creating. It doesn't matter if it a simple strand of pearls or a wire-wrapping...even earrings (I have quite a fancy for earrings)...I also enjoy sewing, painting, woodworking...anything that involves my imagination and my hands.

The Beaded Jeanie

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