21 Inch Gemstone Pendant Necklace - Straw Gold Seed

$5.18 USD


Product Description

This pendant necklace is a very attractive accent to any pendant with its gold-lined beads and is a budget conscious alternative to a lanyard cord or plated chain.

The pendant necklace closes with a 12mm heart-shaped clasp.

Extra care and attention to detail have been used to offer the appearance of fine jewelry and extend the life of the necklace.

**Crimp covers have also been used to lend a finished look.
**Wire guardians have been employed to protect and preserve the necklace wire
from fraying for longer wear.

I also have other amazingly beautiful colors available:

Light Aqua Silver Lined
Copper-Lined Crystal
Solgel Silver Lined Light Pink
Solgel Silver-Lined Amethyst
Amethyst Silver Lined
Green Silver Lined
Topaz Silver Lined
Sapphire Blue Silver Lined
Silver-Lined Light Amethyst
Emerald Green Silver Lined
Yellow Silver Lined
Black Diamond Silver Lined
Champagne Silver Lined

Just contact me and I can post a ‘reserved’ listing.

Original Price: $5.75

21 Inch Gemstone Pendant Necklace - Straw Gold Seed

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